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Investment Committee Summary – December 2019




As part of our ongoing commitment to active portfolio management and investment rigor, the Investment Committee meet monthly to review market activity and events of potential significance.


In a mirror image of December last year, financial markets look to finish 2019 with a positive tone. On the positive ledger, the committee noted phase one of the US-China trade deal improving overall sentiment, the large Conservative party victory in the UK removing hard Brexit risks, improvement in EPS revisions from low bases, positive change in the direction of global economic data, better economic data in China, benign credit spreads, and a weakening USD (relieving financial market pressure for countries with USD denominated debt).


On the negative ledger we continue to monitor both economic data and company earnings that despite improving from their more recent trends, are broadly still poor.  We also note that phase one of the trade deal was not all encompassing and may not lift corporate confidence, making any sentiment benefits transitory.  Hong Kong issues remain despite headlines reducing while social unrest has escalated in India.


We had become increasingly positive over the last few months on the trajectory for equity markets, positioning our portfolios towards the higher end of their growth ranges. The positive UK election result and trade war agreement, combined with significant central bank liquidity, is supportive of global markets. We watch for further improvement in economic data to support our positive positioning and believe upside should continue over the summer months should this eventuate.


Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year.



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