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Affinity Private Advisors was established to help busy professionals and business executives create a meaningful, authentic life through the privilege of wealth. After having worked in corporate, business and investment banking our Principal’s saw a need to provide innovative and distinct financial advisory solutions in an unbiased, uncompromised way to help enrich the lives of our clients.

Our carefully structured team of experts are dedicated to turning our clients’ dreams and aspirations into reality. The ultimate focus is to ensure our clients are provided not only with sound knowledge and expert advice on their financial affairs, but with a confidence in knowing they are fully equipped to forge ahead in achieving their goals without reservation.

True Wealth

Many people live a lifetime accumulating wealth in the hope of being happy, one day. But true wealth is about living a rich, meaningful life right now.

True wealth is the freedom to realize your greatest potential. To achieve professionally, to positively influence the world around you and to do the things you love with the people you most care about in your life. What do you want to do with your life? What is your plan for building true wealth?


All of us struggle with the range of options available to us. The truly wealthy share one quality: they are absolutely clear what they want from their life.

When we are better able to understand what we want our life to be, the right choices with money become clearer to us. We make better financial decisions when we are clear on the why. Dilemmas dissolve and we feel empowered to live knowing our wealth will support us. Be clear on what you want from your life. The money will follow.


The truly wealthy are passionately confident in their ability to achieve their dreams and aspirations. They want to shape the world around them and create a significant impact on the things that matter to them.

When you are confident that your wealth will support your mission in life, you feel stronger and more empowered to live for your dreams. Confidence with money comes from knowing that you have made the best decisions possible with your opportunities.


The truly wealthy sleep easily at night, free from money worries and doubts.

When you have an expert adviser to take care of all of your financial matters, someone trusted, someone who can listen to your ideas and concerns and help you see things clearly, you are free to think about what really matters in your life. Comfort means being able to focus on the things that energise you: your work, your family and your passions.


Our aim is to be your trusted adviser to help you make the best decisions about your money, helping you create true wealth in your life. At Affinity Private Advisors, we listen before we talk. We help you discover a little more about who you are and what’s most important to you in your life before we provide any advice.

Our Beliefs & Principles

As SMSF Association Specialist Advisors™ we uphold and are committed to the following 6 major principles:



We acknowledge and accept the responsibility to safeguard the interests of our clients provided that this does not conflict with the duties and loyalties owed to the community, its laws and regulatory and government institutions.



The principle of integrity imposes an obligation on us to act in a manner that is honest, sincere and straightforward in all our professional and business interactions.



We are objective and free of conflicts of interest in the performance of our professional duties.



We respect the confidentiality of information acquired in the scope of our professional relationships and do not disclose such information to third parties without authorised consent.



We maintain our ability, skills and knowledge necessary to provide competent professional services by our continual commitment to learning and professional improvement. We keep abreast of current developments in legislation, practices and standards and exercise due diligence in the discharge of our duties in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards.



We behave with dignity, showing respect and courtesy to clients, colleagues and other stakeholders in all business-related activities, and complying with appropriate rules, regulations and professional standards.

Community Involvement

Affinity Private Advisors proudly engages regularly in community welfare programs. We believe in staying abreast of social issues and areas in the community that could do with a helping hand, learning more about their plights and exploring how we can assist in both the financial and physical aspects.

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