Our Approach


We want your experience at Affinity Private Advisors to cultivate education, open communication, and exceed your expectations in every possible way.

The value of an expert conversation

As a client of Affinity Private Advisors, you will enjoy a rigorous and stimulating process that deepens your insights into your financial capability, your relationship to money, yourself – your values, aspirations and undiscovered opportunities for life.

Powerful financial planning helps people to realise their potential by asking great questions to discover better answers to money challenges. Our conversations will help you clarify solutions to the important questions you are probably facing:

> Are my assets held in the most effective protective structure possible?

> Are my investments flexible enough to adapt to changing economic and market conditions?

> Focused too narrowly on risk; concerned about minimising short-term risk, in doing so, sacrificing longer term security?

> Am I prepared for the worst-case scenario should something unforeseen happen to me?

> How can I leave a legacy to my family, community and broader society?

Our Advice Process

Creating clarity and efficiency in your financial affairs comes from following a robust, systematic process of analysis, strategy and execution. Affinity Private Advisors offers an initial structured advice experience that helps you to understand your aspirations and uncover the depth of opportunities to design your most effective financial system, and an ongoing advice program to allow you make the most of these opportunities.

1. Understanding you

When we meet you, we listen. Our job is to understand you, deeply: what’s most important to you in your life, your aspirations, your goals, how you behave with money and your key relationships, such as family and business. Only by knowing you deeply can we work with you to design the best financial solution to create true wealth in your life. At the end of this process, you will understand your own values and how financial issues drive your decisions. You will be clearer on what you want to do with your life, how to realise the opportunity wealth offers and you’ll understand a little more the potential of your own significance and abundance.

2. Analysing your opportunities

Sound professional financial planning demands technical analysis and scenario-planning to identify the best solution for the outcomes you desire. Our team analyse your financial position to understand your real opportunities, using your financial resources: income, capital, debt, risk appetite and timeframes. After working through our analysis, you will have a clearer picture of where you stand and what your options are. You will understand your own financial capacity and capability.

3. Designing your efficient financial system

In strategy design, we bring together your values and goals with your financial capability to form a unique solution. Our strategy will effectively position you to maximise your assets, implement a tax efficient system, build effective protection around your assets, optimise debt structures and map out a strategic plan for your financial life.

Once we have helped you create your strategy plan, you will be clear on precisely how your financial affairs can be structured efficiently, the most appropriate mix of your investment assets and where you should ideally allocate your resources.

4. Implementing your strategic plan

The final stage in the initial advice process is executing your financial system. Our skilled support team will manage all of the details needed to execute your plan, including establishing or changing legal structures, placing investments or adjusting asset allocations and setting up insurance policies.

Throughout this process, we work closely with your existing professional advisers, such as your accountant and lawyer, to ensure consistency and alignment on all financial and legal matters. After this process you will feel secure in the peace of mind that all of your financial affairs are integrated into a comprehensive system to maximise efficiency, growth and certainty for your future.

The ongoing conversation

Even the most elegant and efficient financial strategy is affected by changes to its external environment and its assumptions. Shifting global economics, volatile equity markets, regulatory changes and even your own life events can affect your financial strategy. The imperative is to be able to manage risk and adjust your settings as appropriate.

Having an expert adviser as a sounding board for your important life decisions and financial concerns is vital. Our clients enjoy an ongoing conversation, both formally in strategic reviews and more informally as we share your life journey and aspirations. As your adviser, Affinity Private Advisors will continue to take a proactive view of your affairs, risks and opportunities. This includes:

>  Reviewing your assets and liabilities

> Assessing your cash flow and spending patterns in line with your financial goals

> Reviewing your risk management strategies

> Adjusting your asset allocation and investment mix as the external environment changes

> Discussing your quality of life outcomes

Collaborative Expertise

We have made it our mission to deliver excellence in providing financial advisory solutions. And to do so we collaborate with external professionals in asset management and consultancy, underpinned by market leading research providers.

Our Strategic Alliances in accounting, taxation, legal and banking enable us to provide a holistic strategic solution for our most complex private client family groups. This improves our client outcomes by ensuring a more seamless approach by all specialist advisors and service providers.

Partnering with Us

We aim to deliver on our appointment as your trusted adviser by promoting open relationships – truly valuing your views and opinions of the services we provide and reviewing your personal and financial affairs regularly.

We recognise your satisfaction of being an Affinity Private Advisors client will be achieved on how well we service your immediate requirements, communicate the value you receive and how well we manage your overall wealth. This is why we believe that lifetime relationships are fundamental to ensuring we achieve your desired goals and lifestyle expectations within the anticipated time frame.

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