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Market Update – June 2022


Four personal finance books to give your children… and the lessons they will learn

How do you get your children interested in securing their financial future? Your children have a massive advantage, time. Time is on their side but, as […]

Market Update – May 2022


Do you want your children to learn about the stock market? Do these five things

Imagine what your investment portfolio would look like today if you started investing when you were in your twenties? After all, when it comes to investing, time […]

There is a right way to discuss finance around the dinner table… and a wrong way

Once your children become adults, it is natural you start having different conversations with them. Where previously you might have discussed their hobbies or favourite bands, […]

Market Update – April 2022


How to get your children interested in money and finance

Just because your children are now young adults, does not mean you stop worrying about them. True, they are now old enough to fend for themselves. […]

Federal Budget 2022

On 29 March 2022, the Government handed down the 2022-2023 Federal Budget. Although we know this is a pre-election Budget, the measures announced are very targeted […]

Market Update – March 2022


Market Update – February 2022 – Ukraine & Russia


Understanding Australia’s Director Identification Number

In its 2020 Budget Digital Business Plan, the Australian government announced the full implementation of the Modernising Business Registers (MBR) program. The program is designed to […]

Market Update – February 2022


Looking to 2022

Around this time last year, we made three broad market predictions: The availability of vaccines would see a return to relative normalcy in the second half […]

Red Flags in China

Regulating the Technology Sector To the bewilderment of many in the investment community, the Chinese Government appears to be systematically targeting many of their largest and […]

Rags to Riches to Rags

More than 70% of wealthy families are broke by the second generation, and 90% by the third. There’s a lot of truth in the old saying […]

Federal Budget 2021

The budget position has improved dramatically from the forecasts delivered in October 2020. The deficit for 2020-21 is now expected to be $161 billion, down from […]

Generational Wealth

    “Generation wealth” is wealth that is passed down from one generation to the next. You may also hear this called family wealth or legacy […]

Reading the Crystal Ball for 2021

  There is no need to dwell on how wrong everyone would have been sitting down this time last year trying to predict 2020. With that […]

US Election Issues & Implications

  Almost all of the time, elections in rich, liberal democracies don’t really matter for markets. Especially over the longer term. Electors choose between a centre […]

Both sides of the technology sector coin

  As a change of pace from our recent Covid-19 updates, we think it is worthwhile commenting on the performance of the US technology sector and […]